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Start your own business today! has a revolutionary License Program to give you the opportunity to create your own business. Have fun and create profits using the amazing new Mobile App called UbiZ

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The best way to predict the future... is to CREATE it!

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A revolutionary License Program...

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We have developed one of the most successful mobile apps in the world... UbiZ is an innovative tool that connects merchants with their existing customer bases anywhere on the planet for FREE!

UbiZ also instantly provides the merchants access to a huge new market of potential customers every day for only… PENNIES A DAY!

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UbiZ can be downloaded from the Apple StoreTM and Google PlayTM absolutely FREE!

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You can become a BizBiz Licensee right now! Create your own sales team and start a very profitable business.

Flat Rate License

You can choose the area you want to license with a flat monthly payment. You sale more, you profit more.

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