Executive Team

Executive Team

The BizBiz Executive and Management team is an essential part of our company. With more than 20 years industry experience, the team analyzes and identifies the future business goals and objectives of our company. It then implements and enforces the strategies that the Associates and employees need to achieve success.

The BizBiz Executive and Management team is a diversified group of individuals who hold the highest level of organizational skills and who have the day-to-day responsibilities of managing our company and its guidelines.

Each individual holds specific executive powers conferred onto them and with the BizBiz mission as their guide, they focus on overseeing the daily activities of the business.

The Executive Management of UbiZ.mobi is a group who understand all aspects of the company: Sales and Marketing - Policies and Procedures - Legal and Compliance - Customer Relations and Associate Support.

Together they work for one objective:
To truly create an opportunity that will change people’s lives forever.

Registration of the company in the USA

BizBiz is a trademark of Yellow Network Corp. Legal & Accounting address: 25 SE 2nd Ave. Suite 410 Ingraham Building, Miami, FL. 33131.

Operational Office

Address: Ciudad de la paz 353,Colegiales CP 1426
Buenos Aires, Argentina

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