IT Team

The BizBiz IT Team

Technology is critical in the development of our future and we play a vital role in it.

Our highly skilled programming team works to ensure that we maintain a exceptional network infrastructure and as well, our “world-class” technology team maintains an extraordinary standard of service.

Some of the features of our system include:

  • Servers in the USA, both in Springfield Virginia and Seattle Washington.
  • A redundant network that ensures security and high-quality connectivity.
  • Direct connectivity to all major global Tier-1 backbones and additional major networks.

Simply put: Our technical features guarantee that our advertisers will have the speed and visibility that their ads deserve.

Registration of the company in the USA

BizBiz is a trademark of Yellow Network Corp. Legal & Accounting address: 25 SE 2nd Ave. Suite 410 Ingraham Building, Miami, FL. 33131.

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