Our mission

Mission Statement

Our corporate philosophy:

Our collective focus was to create a business platform with the power to transform itself into a social movement. A movement where everyone - regardless of their age, sex, race or religion could succeed. Where their social, economic or cultural background would not deter their progress.

We will make a better world together by helping support each other and by redirecting thosands of dollars of profits from the advertising industry to individuals like you. BizBiz is determined to be this tool of social change and we have embraced the responsibility that goes with this ambition. We are very proud to represent the vehicle that will allow anyone to become a local Licensee.

Our mission is to reach, engage and retain every advertiser in the world and our vision is that UbiZ will become a global phenomena and revolutionize the industry forever.

BizBiz will provide total customer satisfaction and in the process will raise the level of customer retention to a new industry standard.

A complete global commitment to quality is… the standard that defines us.

Quality Commitment

Since its foundation, UbiZ.mobi committed itself to complying with the most demanding international quality standards. Constant improvement of our technological infrastructure is a must for us These are some of the rules and regulations that certify the excellence of our products.

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  • Accredited Business
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