Our History

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Our History & Evolution

At BizBiz, people are the heart of the business that we affectionately call UbiZ.mobi. Founded in 2012,the company has developed one of the world’s most innovative smart phone applications and married it to a revolutionary License Program.

Using the proven methods of Licenses and the Direct Selling industries, BizBiz will soon be a household name and change the lives of countless people around the globe.

BizBiz has a strategic alliance with one of the world’s leading online business directory companies called AiYellow.com. Our sister company is a 9 year old debt free institution with solid management and a brilliant IT team.

AiYellow.com is a powerhouse corporation with 34 international offices guiding more than 40,000 representatives and 1.2 million clients in 125 countries around the globe!

BizBiz has a vision to be a tool of social change, a vision that we take not only with great pride but also with the understanding of the responsibility that goes “hand in hand’ with that vision.

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