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Exclusive UbiZ App for merchants

With the UbiZ app, Merchants have access to cutting edge technology that not only allows them to contact all their existing customers instantly… but also new customers from a new market every single day…

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UbiZ gives Merchants access to:

Local UbiZ Members

Members traveling in the Merchant’s local area

UbiZ Members who have been referred to the merchant

UbiZ is global platform that can reach all members and connect them with local Merchants in "real time" and at no additional charge.

Merchants! Activate your account with Ubiz and start getting results TODAY! GET STARTED NOW!

UbiZ is an innovative social advertising platform and tool that targets and connects advertisers with existing and potential customers within their geographical location known in the industry as "Localization".

This technology allows the merchants to target all UbiZ members with their business and promotion info up to six miles away from their location.

The UbiZ app standard features:

The UbiZ app is available FREE of charge to members and merchants and can be downloaded from the Apple Store™ and Google Play™.

The UbiZ app gives merchants the ability to instant message UbiZ members with promotions or specials. Within the application users can be "Visible" or "Invisible". "Visible" members will be able to communicate with other "Visible" members.

Our Product... "Active" app features.
For only $30 per year (8 pennies per day!) merchants can upgrade their “Free” listing to an “Active” listing. The advantages are amazing and will give the merchant the following features:

The ability to:

  • Contact all their EXISTING customers on the customers smartphones, anywhere in the world!.
  • Upload photos, logos and images.
  • Share promotions and coupons.
  • Share Maps and GPS locations.
  • Use Instant Messaging.
  • View a "real-time" list of UbiZ app users in their zone.
  • Communicate "one-on-one" directly with those users.
  • The merchant will be able to use all this technology to reach both their existing customers PLUS a new market with new customers every single day.